Programs & Events

Sherry Hours

Inaugurated in 2009, Sherry Hours provide retired faculty, retired staff, and their guests opportunities for lively discussion and convivial conversation. Each year, the RFA sponsors five Sherry Hours. They occur on Friday afternoons in Doheny Library. Speakers are drawn primarily from USC schools and departments to talk about their recent research and publications. They occasionally are assisted by their students.

For a description of the November 11, 2011 Sherry Hour, click here.


Intergenerational Forum on Global Change

Co-sponsored by the RFA and the Emeriti Center College, the Intergenerational Forum on Global Change is open to all USC retirees, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  It meets monthly on-campus for two hours. A dinner is provided by the Honors  House Residence. Forum participants read the current edition of The Economist as the basis for their focused exchange.  During each session they discover that global issues are also local issues, e.g., the global economic crisis affects student finances; campus trash collection is related to a global set of environmental problems.  At the end of each meeting, the group asks “Who needs to hear from us?” about the issue just discussed.  Perhaps a congressional representative, the President of USC, or a corporate CEO.


Social Gatherings

In cooperation with the Emeriti Center the Retired Faculty Association, sponsors social gatherings for members of USC’s retirement community and their guests at various locations in Southern California. In the recent past, gatherings have been held in Orange County, the South Bay, Pasadena and Oxnard.


Provost’s Retirement Recognition Luncheon

The Retired Faculty Association, acting as an agent of the Office of the Provost, sponsors the annual Provost’s Retirement Recognition Luncheon. The luncheon honors recent retirees and welcomes them to USC’s retiree community. The 2014 luncheon will take place on Wednesday, November 12 at Town & Gown. For more information, click here.

To view the roster of the 2013-2014 faculty retirees, click HERE.


USC Visions and Voices

Each year the Retired Faculty Association arranges for members of the retirement community and their guests to attend selected USC Visions and Voices events, musical events, and theatrical events.

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