Faculty Handbook Policies for Conferring Emeriti Status



The designation Emeritus or Emerita may be awarded to tenured or full-time non-tenure track faculty on or after retirement, or may be preapproved in contemplation of retirement to be effective upon retirement.  In preparing recommendations, the department or other appropriate unit will review the eligibility of all prospective retirees. The award of the designation is not automatic. It indicates honorable retirement from assigned duties, recognizes faithful service worthy of high commendation, and expresses an anticipation of continued membership in the academic community. The emeritus or emerita designation carries with it the honor of the title and the use of University facilities as authorized by the Provost.

The President may approve the title to be added to the last academic title a faculty member held in active service (e.g., professor emeritus.) The President will consider the recommendation of the department or other appropriate academic unit and the dean, the individual’s curriculum vitae, and a summary of the individual’s contributions. The President may also approve the designation for a title of honor or administrative title (e.g., named chair emeritus, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, dean emeritus).


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