Upcoming Spring 2016 Sherry Hours!

Spring, 2016, Sherry Hours took place in February, March and April held from 3:00-5:00pm In the Polymathic Academy Room (241) of Doheny Memorial Library. February 19 will feature Professor Craig Stanford speaking on “The New Chimpanzee: Recent Discoveries about Our Closest … Continue reading

Emeriti Center invites USC retirees to open house at its new location

  For as long as any of us in the Retired Faculty Association can remember, the USC Emeriti Center has served as as our home base. So when the Emeriti Center invites us to visit its new quarters, we are also … Continue reading

RFA honors 2015-2016 Caldwell Scholars

For many years, the RFA has sponsored (along with USC’s Office of Financial Aid) the Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship Program. The program is thriving, and on September 11, RFA honored the current cohort of Caldwell Scholars at a noontime luncheon. The … Continue reading

RFA offers first 2015-2016 Sherry Hour on October 9

Members of the Retired Faculty Association and the Staff Retirement Association and their spouses/partners are cordially invited to the the academic year’s first Sherry Hour on Friday, October 9, 2015.  It will be held from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm in The … Continue reading

Retired Faculty Association programs proceed without interruption.

Members of the Retired Faculty Association have sometimes been unclear about the relationship of RFA and the USC Emeriti Center. In light of transitions currently being experienced by the USC Emeriti Center, it is very important to recognize that, although the two … Continue reading

Emeriti Center Relocates to Office of the Provost of Faculty and Academic Affairs

Retired Faculty Association and Staff Retirement Association members have received a communication from Martin Levine, Vice Provost and Senior Advisor to the Provost, which describes changes in the status and location of the USC Emeriti Center, beginning July 1. The … Continue reading

RFA publishes its new Strategic Vision–“Imagining the RFA of 2022”

After over a year’s labors, the Board of the Retired Faculty Association has published its new strategic vision–“Imaging the RFA in 2022.” Phoebe Liebig, who convened and moderated the strategic vision committee, says that this document is intended to guide RFA’s … Continue reading

When being “bad at retiring” can be good. Retirees seek new roles in serving their colleges and universities

Retired Faculty Association member Victor Webb and USC Emeriti Center’s Executive Director Janette Brown and  were prominently featured in the April, 2014 edition of Case University’s Casecurrents magazine, which described  a growing number of retired faculty members who are involved in … Continue reading

USC urges aggressive approach in addressing security issues

It’s no news that the discovery of the Heartbleed bug has caused a great deal of concern among persons who require security in their Internet communications. According to Peter Siegal at USC Information Services, USC has taken an aggressive approach to … Continue reading

RFA Board minutes now posted as archives in RFA Governance Section

Robert Stallings, RFA’s 2012-2013 secretary, has created an archive of RFA minutes that go back to 2008. He has posted these on his own website, and we are happy to link with this impressive product of his labor. Stallings even … Continue reading