Caldwell Scholarship Program

In close cooperation with USC’s Office of Financial Aid and Emeriti Center, the Retired Faculty Association sponsors the Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship Program.

This program was initiated by the late Professor Russell Caldwell, a former RFA president, who resided in the neighborhood surrounding the USC campus. The program was designed to strengthen USC’s community relations by offering scholarships to deserving students from nearby high schools. The RFA became the sponsor of this program after Professor Caldwell’s death in 1979.

The program offers limited (but growing) financial support for Caldwell Scholars. If you would like to help build scholarship funds for our scholars, please go to:

The RFA offers a supportive community for these Scholars. During the academic year, the RFA Board invites the Scholars to two luncheons: the first (in the fall) to encourage interaction among fellow Scholars and Board members; the second (in the spring) to honor Caldwell Scholar graduates and to encourage these graduates to share stories about their experiences at USC.

Kaaren Hoffman ( serves as chair of RFA’s Russell Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship Program committee.


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