RFA inaugurates “Household Membership”

Starting July 1, 2016, the RFA is offering a new form of membership–“Household Memberships.”

Retired (and pre-retired) members of the USC faculty activate their RFA membership by contributing $25 each year to the RFA General Fund. The General Fund is used to pay for operating expenses, advocacy on behalf of retirees, and staff support from the Emeriti Center.

In the past, spouses/partners of retired (and pre-retired) faculty members were encouraged to activate their own separate RFA memberships each year. The Household Membership represents a dramatic departure from this practice. Now spouses/partners are included in  Household Memberships  when retired (or pre-retired) faculty member submit their basic $25 activation contributions.

Surviving partners/spouses of USC retirees and pre-retirees are encouraged to activate RFA memberships by making annual $25 contributions.

RFA hopes that members will contribute more than the required $25 each year.  The additional contributions may designated for use in the General Fund, the Caldwell Scholarship program, and/or the RFA Endowment Fund.