RFA Board approves 2016-2017 priorities

During 2015-2016, the Retired Faculty Association Board has explored ways in which its programs will be aligned with the large changes currently being experienced by the USC Emeriti Center.

The Board has approved three priorities for  2016-2017:

I. RFA’s Advocacy and Ombudsman activities.

For decades, RFA has watched out for the interests of USC’s retirement community. In recent years, for example, it has addressed issues related to ways in which emeritus/a status is conferred on new faculty retirees. It has identified problems and recommended solutions for the retired faculty’s continuing use of the University’s email system and of access to the University electronic resources.  It has advocated the strengthening of supports offered by USC  for disabled faculty, students, staff, and visitors–especially supports offered for persons who have experienced hearing loss.

RFA will continue to work in these advocacy areas. It will explore new issues that are raised by the USC faculty and staff and/or by members of the USC retirement community.

II. The Caldwell Scholarship Program.

The Board reaffirmed the Caldwell Scholarship program as one of its highest priorities. Established in 1966 by History professor Russell Caldwell, the scholarship program offers ways for faculty and staff to financially support students from the USC neighborhood who have been admitted to USC. Scholarship awards are $3,000 per year for each Caldwell Scholar.

III. Sherry Hours.

RFA Sherry Hours provides opportunities for USC’s retirement community to become acquainted with significant research that is being conducted by scholars within various academic units.  The program has been immensely successful.  RFA wants to keep it that way in 2016-2017.