Retired Faculty Association programs proceed without interruption.

Members of the Retired Faculty Association have sometimes been unclear about the relationship of RFA and the USC Emeriti Center. In light of transitions currently being experienced by the USC Emeriti Center, it is very important to recognize that, although the two organizations have enjoyed a close collaborative relationship, the RFA continues to be an independent, free-standing organization.  RFA’s programs, events, and advocacy activities are under the control of its Board of Directors, whose members are elected by retired active members of the USC faculty.

At the present time, the largest challenge created by the Emeriti Center’s move to the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs will be RFA’s need to locate a source of staff services.  In recent years, RFA has contracted with the Emeriti Center for compensated staff services through a Memorandum of Understanding. Perhaps this kind of relationship may continue, but the situation is unclear.  Since scheduled  Fall Semester RFA events already require staffing, at least temporary arrangements will have to be made.

Be assured that the RFA will continue the kinds of activities that for years have elicited the strong support of its members.