RFA publishes its new Strategic Vision–“Imagining the RFA of 2022”

After over a year’s labors, the Board of the Retired Faculty Association has published its new strategic vision–“Imaging the RFA in 2022.”

Phoebe Liebig, who convened and moderated the strategic vision committee, says that this document is intended to guide RFA’s organization development during the next decade. It strongly aligns RFA goals with those of the University’s Strategic Vision.

According to Liebig, “The RFA Strategic Vision includes priorities for the immediate future (2014–2016), and it offers guidance for RFA’s long term planning. Its style will be strongly collaborative, building ties with the USC  Emeriti Center, the Emeriti Center College, and the Staff Retirement Association.  It will consistently cooperate with  the Provost’s Office, with other relevant administrative and support offices, and with a broad range of academic units.”

To read “Imagining the RFA of 2022,” click here.