When being “bad at retiring” can be good. Retirees seek new roles in serving their colleges and universities

Retired Faculty Association member Victor Webb and USC Emeriti Center’s Executive Director Janette Brown and  were prominently featured in the April, 2014 edition of Case University’s Casecurrents magazine, which described  a growing number of retired faculty members who are involved in academic fundraising at their own institutions.

Victor Webb, a former journalism instructor, is a member of this cadre of retirees.  He is raising  funds at the University of Southern California to support RFA’s Caldwell Scholar Program, which supports USC students who have graduated from high schools in neighborhoods close to the University. This activity, Webb says, allows him to maintain his relationships with former co-workers while supporting Los Angeles students

Speaking in her role as the executive director of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE), Brown argues that faculty retirees can advance their  institution in a number of ways, including fundraising. AROHE encourages retirees to spend some of their time volunteering. She notes, for example, that at USC, retirees have spearheaded advocacy efforts that urge the University to  install hearing loop technology, which allows the hearing impaired to better hear lectures, performances, and other campus events.