USC urges aggressive approach in addressing security issues

It’s no news that the discovery of the Heartbleed bug has caused a great deal of concern among persons who require security in their Internet communications.

According to Peter Siegal at USC Information Services, USC has taken an aggressive approach to remediating the Heartbleed vulnerability, and nearly all affected USC central systems have been patched to remove the vulnerability. We have no evidence at this time that USC has been compromised.

Siegel urged members of the USC community to take additional,  aggressive steps to assure that they are doing everything possible to maintain security in their use of the Internet. For example:
1) Avoid clicking links found in unusual or unexpected emails that ask recipients to reset their password or otherwise reveal personal information.
2) Consider changing their online passwords at USC and elsewhere, especially at banks and commercial sites.  Changing your passwords is critical if you use the same password for your USC email account and other services.
As a general principle, your USC password should be different from passwords used for non-USC services.
For updates on this issue, please see the USC security blog: